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Contact Information

  • Xi'an Well-sun Electronic Technology PLC
  • Add :No.5,Qinling 3rd RD., Caotang Science & Technology Industrial Base, High-tech Development Zone, Xi'an, China
  • Tel : +86-29-89016306
  • E-mail :info@well-sun.com.cn
  • Xi’an Well-sun Electronic Technology PLC is a professional cased-hole logging tools manufacturer, integrated with high R&D competence. We focus on research & development of new cased hole logging tools, and application of new technologies and methods to replace traditional logging methods and help service companies adopt new technologies and to lead the industry.  


    The R&D is developing from current cased hole logging to integrated cased hole solution, from singular wireline logging to integrated application of wireline, slickline and coiled tubing (WL/SL/CT) logging. 


    We have been paying close attention to the demand of new technology, new method, new material, new technique, and new tools from the future shear gas, coal gas and other new energy fields, as well as information resources, technologies and product development opportunities from combining sections among different industry chains of cased hole logging. 


    Products are designed strictly following API Q1 quality management system, and special electrical and mechanical design standards applicable to the industry requirements are established. R&D team are rich in professional experience, covering mechanical, electrical, optical, software, and other disciplines to ensure 2-3 new products could be launched every year. Our comprehensive designing competence ranks top in the industry.