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Contact Information

  • Xi'an Well-sun Electronic Technology PLC
  • Add :No.5,Qinling 3rd RD., Caotang Science & Technology Industrial Base, High-tech Development Zone, Xi'an, China
  • Tel : +86-29-89016306
  • E-mail :info@well-sun.com.cn
  • Well-sun takes API Q1 Quality Management System as management and operational basis, focusing on quality control for production process and strictly abides by key elements of API Quality Management System to control and realize technical specifications. Near 100 design standards (mechanical and electronics) are referenced for product design to ensure product consistency, compatibility and reliability. Major elements and sensors are from internationally renowned suppliers to ensure reliability. 


    As the inspection department, QC Department conducts 100% inspection to electronic elements and raw materials, and purchasing, production process, warehousing and delivery inspection are performed in strict accordance with corresponding inspection standards. All electronics elements shall pass room temperature performance test and 72-hour high temperature aging screening for purchase inspection to ensure stability and reliability. 

    All production processes are anti-static to eliminate product damage hazard. Moisture, static electricity, and salt mist proof coatings are applied after product testing for normal operation under harsh working conditions. 

    In conclusion, standardized design, stringent inspection and exquisite and highly controllable production process produce the high quality products.