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  • Portable Data Acquisition System 1U

    1. 1 unit only in dimension
    2. USB communication
    3. Better adaptability
    4. Higher compatibility
    Product Details:

    Portable Data Acquisition System (DAS) 1U

    The Portable Data Acquisition System (DAS) 1U is a highly integrated portable data acquisition unit, which integrates the DC Power function etc. in the 19" 1U unit. The unit is connectable to PC via a USB Port to supply power to the downhole tools, acquire and process the tool data, acquire depth and tension data, and to transmit commands from the surface to downhole tools.



    ●    Compatible with WSCbus protocol

            WSCbus (AMI code)

            Manchester code

            Positive/Negative pulses code

    ●   Better adaptability to different cables

    ●   USB ports provided for interfacing with other surface systems



    ●   DC unit integrated

    ●   Integrated depth data acquisition function

    ●   Better adaptibility to different cables

    ●   Visual display function for easy cable connection

    ●   Power supply: 100-240V




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