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  • Xi'an Well-sun Electronic Technology PLC
  • Add :No.5,Qinling 3rd RD., Caotang Science & Technology Industrial Base, High-tech Development Zone, Xi'an, China
  • Tel : +86-29-89016306
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  • Caged Fullbore Spinner Flowmeter Mechanical Section (Spring Bow)

    1. 175℃, 100MPa, and 140MPa available
    2. OD from 1 3/8"(35mm) to 1 11/16"(43mm)
    3. Combinable with high-speed WTC
    4. SRO/Memory logging available
    Product Details:

    Caged Fullbore Spinner Flowmeter Mechanical Section (Spring Bow)

    The CSFM is used to measure fluid velocity in cased-hole wells, which is applicable to stratified yield, full well yield, stratified injection and full well injection. Due to diameter limitation, and compact mechanical structure, the requirements on spare parts manufacturing and assembly accuracy are high. Additionally, special personnel are needed to perform the periodical maintenance and repair.

    The CSFM adopts continuous rotation of non-diversion and foldable spinner. The fluid spins the spinner and the rotation speed is proportional to fluid speed. Spinner rotation is coupled to magneto sensor inside the tool, which transforms into pulse signal via electronics processing. Fluid speed information is thus obtained. 



    ●    Production profiling in casing

        Injection profiling

        Low flow rate

        Detection of leaks and crossflow


        Good linearity irrespective of fluid characteristic with reliable measurement.

        Applicable casing: 4″- 9 5/8″



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