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From President

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  • Xi'an Well-sun Electronic Technology PLC
  • Add :No.5,Qinling 3rd RD., Caotang Science & Technology Industrial Base, High-tech Development Zone, Xi'an, China
  • Tel : +86-29-89016306
  • E-mail :info@well-sun.com.cn

  • Dear visitors:

    Thank you very much for your interest in Well-sun and long-term support for Well-sun.

    I got the luck to join in the logging industry in 1977. Over 40-year experience has taught me that logging industry is a highly technology intensive industry with exceptionally high requirements on product quality. That’s why logging industry is a respectable industry in my belief and people working for the industry are worthy of our sincere respect.

    Since the setup of Well-sun, I have always been inspired by a strong veneration, and I hope with my endeavor, some new technologies and high-quality products can be developed to win some recognition for Well-sun.

    Well-sun’s future and unceasing progress are all about meeting the customers’ ever changing demands. We will stay more focused, striving for excellence in each product we build and every minor quality difficulty we resolve, despite how trivial, complicated and meticulous what we are doing, and making continuous contribution to the progress and development of the industry.


    Zhan Baoping