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  • Radial Cement Bonding Tool

    1. 175℃, 120MPa
    2. OD from 1 11/16"(43mm) to 3 1/8"(79mm)
    3. Quantitative analysis of cement bond to casing
    4. Quantitative analysis of dement bond to formation
    Product Details:

    Radial Cement Bonding Tool

    The Radial Cement Bonding Tool (RBT) is a new type acoustic logging tool, consisting of acoustic part and electronics. Mechanically, the tool is simple with good sealing performance and ease of use and maintenance; electrically, the tool adopts intelligent control with simple circuit and ease of maintenance, which greatly improves reliability. It can be used for the first and second interface cement bond quality evaluation. 



    ●    To provide quantitative analysis of cement bond in eight 45 degrees segments for 360 degrees                  coverage across the borehole

    ●    To effectively identify intervals of uniform bonding and detect cement channels or voids in casing             sizes ranging from 4.5″ to 13.4″

    ●    Quantitative analysis of cement bond to casing

    ●    Quantitative analysis of cement bond to formation

    ●    H2S resistant




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