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  • Cement Bond Logging Tools

    • Segmented Cement Bonding Tool
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      Segmented Cement Bonding Tool

      1. 175℃(2hrs), 140MPa
      2. OD 3 1/2"(89mm)
      3. Bond quality evaluation of the first interface
      4. VDL wave acquisition
    • Radial Cement Bonding Tool
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      Radial Cement Bonding Tool

      1. 175℃, 120MPa
      2. OD from 1 11/16"(43mm) to 3 1/8"(79mm)
      3. Quantitative analysis of cement bond to casing
      4. Quantitative analysis of dement bond to formation
    • Cement Bond Log Tool
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      Cement Bond Log Tool

      1. 175℃, 140MPa
      2. OD from 1 11/16"(73mm) to 3 3/8"(86mm)
      3. 6 level of gains for acoustic signal
      4. Digitized signal for high-speed transmission
      5. Able to run with analog CCL and pulsed gamma ray tool
      6. Axisymmetrical round piezoelectric transducers for firing...
    • Casing Collar Locator
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      Casing Collar Locator

      1. 175℃ and 100MPa for regular type, and Max. 220℃ and 140MPa available for customization
      2. OD from 1 3/8"(35mm) to 3.54"(90mm) available
      3. Good vibration resistant capability, directly configurable with guns for cased hole perforation
    • Gamma Ray Tool
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      Gamma Ray Tool

      1. 175℃, 100MPa for regular type and 200℃ and 140MPa available
      2. OD from 0.86"(22mm) to 3 5/8"(92mm)
      3. High speed data telemetry system
      4. Combinable with high speed wireline telemetry cartridge (WTC)
      5. Good vibration resistance performance
    • Wireline Telemetry Cartridge (CQET)
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      Wireline Telemetry Cartridge (CQET)

      1. 175℃, 140MPa
      2. OD from 1 11/16"(43mm) to 2 7/8"(73mm)
      3. Transmission speed 200Kbits
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