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  • 40-finger Caliper Tool

    1. 175℃, 100MPa
    2. OD 2 7/8"(73mm)
    3. Wide range of pipe sizes measurable
    4. Ease of finger replacement
    5. SRO/memory modes
    Product Details:

    40-finger Caliper Tool

    The Multi-finger Caliper Tool (40-finger) is a mechanical tool for well diameter measurement. It is mainly composed of measuring fingers, driver rod and inductive sensors. The sensing section consists of 40 displacement sensors, which are uniformly distributed on the outer circumference, with each sensor able to measure the slightest variation in diameter. The tool also includes an inclination sensor and a rotation sensor.

    The interpretation software is available for presenting the actual condition of the inner wall in a three-dimensional view, and the engineering data of casing are calculated and recorded.



    ●    Casing inner diameter change measurement, including corrosion and fouling

        Casing deformation and rupture measurement

        Perforation measurement



        Wide range of pipe sizes measurable

        Ease of finger repalcement

        SRO/memory modes



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